District Coordinator

Albany Co Fire Dist #1   Laramie, WY   Full-time     Management
Posted on September 14, 2022
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Seeking applicants to fill a District Coordinator position within Albany County Fire District #1. 


The following job description is established by the Albany County Fire District Board of the ACFD1 to outline the basic duties and responsibilities of the above captioned position. This position is exempt from the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Under general supervision, coordinates, plans, organizes and directs non-emergency activities related to administrative liaison, training, fire suppression, structural safety, and rescue companies. Performs administrative functions, assisting Department Chiefs in the planning, implementation and training of District-wide programs involving personnel, budgetary proposals, equipment and apparatus.


- May serve as District Liaison as required by ACFD1 Board.
- Administrative duties such as training liaison to District and neighboring departments or districts, communications specialist, and EMA; data collecting and preparing for purpose of liability, grants and ISO or equivalent; grants navigator (encouraged to work with local grant writers) and follow-up documentation associated with grant award. Delegate Grant writing as appropriate.
- May respond to incidents to observe, support and make recommendations if necessary.
- Drives motor vehicles safely and lawfully in emergency and non-emergency situations.
- Make recommendations on equipment and other resources needed to provide District services and programs effectively and efficiently.
- Assists in the development of the District budget by providing appropriate data and reports. Manages all budgetary expenses for assigned areas of responsibility.
- Assists in and makes recommendations for the planning, implementation, training, and execution of District-wide programs.
- Develops, recommends, and support district policies, regulations, and guidelines.
- Maintains a thorough knowledge of state and local statutes, ordinances, standards, procedures, and trends relate to fire prevention, inspection, and suppression, and supports their implementation.
- Reviews, prepares, and recommends the use of a wide variety of related reports on personnel, training and operations of fire and emergency situations primarily through ER.com
- May conduct or supervise classroom training and field drills in firefighting, fire prevention, inspections, emergency medical and rescue techniques, and use of equipment and apparatus.
- Provides training supervision and certification for District firefighters as requested or needed, within the discretion and budget of ACFD1.
- Represents the ACFD1 at state, regional, or community events and meetings as required by the board.
- Demonstrates behavior that sets a positive example for personal accountability, integrity, and professionalism.
- Serves as liaison between incident personnel, state, federal agencies, departments and ACFD1.
- Ability to work nights, weekends, holidays as required by the board.
- Performs other duties as assigned by ACFD1 Board.



- Post-Secondary Education desirable.
- Volunteer and Career Fire Fighting experience in upper-level ranks in mid-to-large size fire department highly desirable
- Successfully complete minimum twenty (20) hours of approved Leadership/Management training annually, as determined by Albany County Fire District 1 Board.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

- Knowledge of, and the ability to, enforce the policies, procedures, and goals of Albany County Fire District 1.
- Knowledge of the boundaries, streets, neighborhoods, and business areas within Albany County Fire District 1, including hydrant locations and water systems.
- Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, statutes, and ordinances, related to fire prevention, inspection, and suppression.
- Knowledge of fire chemistry, building construction, and fire and building codes, and the ability to apply this knowledge to specific fire and emergency situations and inspection activities.
- Knowledge of fire sciences relating to firefighting, fire prevention, inspection, arson investigation and hazardous materials.
- Knowledge of, and the ability to, interpret, understand, and enforce fire and building codes.
- Knowledge of pump hydraulics and aerial placement and operation.
- Knowledge of, and the ability to, apply the Incident Command system used by Albany County Fire District 1.
- Knowledge of firefighting and emergency techniques, methods and procedures including medical skills, evolutions, etc.
- Skill in determining levels of staff, equipment, and other resources needed to provide departmental services and programs effectively and efficiently.
- Skill in managing and coordinating the day-to-day operations of a modern fire department, event coordination and an assigned shift.
- Skill in preparing, researching, and analyzing operational and management issues and preparing reports.
- Skill in evaluating firefighting personnel in all phases of firefighting and emergency activities, inspection procedures, etc.
- Skill in the safe and lawful operation of apparatus.
- Ability to supervise, direct and train employees.
- Ability to analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals.
- Ability to prepare and review reports documenting the facts and actions regarding fire suppression, emergency, and inspection activities.
- Ability to use standard office equipment, personal computer and job-related computer applications including electronic mail.
- Ability to analyze and evaluate information accurately, and to express ideas clearly when providing oral and written reports or recommendations on administrative, financial, and technical issues.
- Ability to perform strenuous physical labor efficiently and effectively in threatening and stressful situations.
- Ability to make decisions quickly and decisively and to communicate those decisions during emergency situations.
- Ability to respond with tact, composure, and courtesy when dealing with difficult situations.
- Ability to deal constructively with conflict and develop consensus.
- Ability to listen well and communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with various audiences.
- Ability to effectively represent the department in meetings with professional organizations, outside agencies, and the public.
- Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, the District Board, other agencies, the business community, the media, and the public.


- Possess and maintain a valid Wyoming driver’s license.
- Pass finger-print background check
- Possess and maintain NIMS 100, 200, 300, and 400 certifications through the Federal Emergency
Management Agency.
- Preference for: Fire Officer1, Fire Officer 2, S130/190, Red Card or higher
- Grant writing skills and experience or equivalent
- Desirable EMT-B


Work Environment:
This job operates and requires ability perform duties in an office environment as well and field environment. Work is conducted both inside and outside with potential exposure to extreme weather conditions and high hazard situations. Exposure to extremes of heat, sun, water, temperature changes, noise and vibration, odors, grease/oils, toxic substances (such as hydrogen cyanide, acids, carbon monoxide, or organic solvents either through inhalants or skin contact), smoke, fumes and gases, electrical energy, carcinogenic dusts (such as asbestos), poor ventilation, as well as to contagious diseases does occur.

Physically demanding work utilizes muscular strength and endurance, aerobic capacity, flexibility, equilibrium, and anaerobic power.